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Declaration of accessability

The document contains the declaration of this web presentation accessibility, as well as the description of the non-standard formats used and the contact to the technical web administrator.

The web presentation is created to meet the rules of creating an accessible web, and conforms to the requirements of Decree No. 64/2008 on the accessibility of the public administration authorities' websites.

For the description of all information on this web the XHTML 1.0 Strict marking language is used, and the style CSS prescript is used to describe the appearance. All sizes are stated in relative units, it is therefore possible to enlarge the size of the font if needed.

All links in the text are underlined.

The link for print stated behind every document is only accessible if JavaScript is on. If the user has JavaScript disabled they can use a common printing method from the browser (it does not affect the print functionality in any manner whatsoever).

Information presented in other formats

This web contains some information available in other than the text or hypertext form. The links to these files are highlighted in the text with a relevant icon notifying of different content of the target link.

The documents can appear in the following formats:

  • PDF – for this format one can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader browser for free.
  • DOC, XLS, PPT - the Microsoft company provides free download of browsers to their Office products.
  • RTF – can be displayed and edited by the majority of commonly used text editors.
  • ZIP – some documents may be compressed due to their size. A number of programmes which can decompress this format is available on the internet.

Contact to web administrator

Feel free to send your ideas, observations or information on problems you may encounter when using this web to the following address of the technical web administrator: webadmin@qcm_cz. The above address only serves dealing with technical affairs.