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Data validation by municipal office and election committee

Pursuant to Section 21 of Act No. 111/2009 Coll., in order to allow the execution of a citizen's right to vote, the municipal office of the municipality with extended powers is authorized, upon a query of the district election committee, to utilize the reference data of the registry of inhabitants within the scope of the number of electronically readable identification documents, first name or names, as the case may be, family name and address of residence. The municipal office with extended powers shall forward these data immediately to the district election committee. We would like to ask for the clarification of the above provision – in what manner will the district election committee ask for the required data of the registry of inhabitants, since the district election committee may need these data on election days (on Friday from 14.00 to 22.00 and on Saturday from 8.00 to 14.00); it only has a phone at the polling station they can use (they do not have access to the databox).

There is no problem with the existing situation. The district election committee will not access the registry of inhabitants directly but the municipal office of the municipality with the extended powers by means of some AIS based on running an agenda. The situation thus does not change in any manner whatsoever; the municipal authority can obtain current data anytime.